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If the DUI arrest and charges you or a loved one faces are your first experience with the criminal court system, you might be asking yourself, “Are there special options for people who have never had any run-ins with the law?”

Our job as experienced DUI defense attorneys is to minimize if not altogether eliminate the consequences you face following an arrest on suspicion of DUI. We know that even having to be booked in jail and appear before a judge in court can be nerve-wracking for someone who’s never had to go through it before — to say nothing of the actual criminal consequences that can result from a conviction. We have answers to your questions about your legal options — and more importantly, we’re ready to help you fight your DUI charges in California.

In addition to our main offices in Irvine and Riverside, we have a network of offices across Southern California to help you no matter where you are. Call 888.998.6938 now for a free consultation.

  • First, we’ll look for any way to get your charges dropped entirely. The best way to keep your record clean is to keep the government from having the chance to convict you on criminal charges in the first place. Circumstances from faulty sobriety tests to police misconduct can doom a DUI case, even if the government’s evidence looks to be strong at the outset. Keeping our clients out of the criminal court system is always our highest priority.
  • Next, we’ll determine if there’s any way to get your charges reduced. In most cases, a charge of reckless driving is going to cause less long-term damage than a DUI charge. If it is possible to get a DUI charge reduced to something more minor, we’ll do everything possible to make it happen.
  • If a criminal conviction is unavoidable, we’ll still work to minimize the consequences you face. Even a first-time DUI conviction can result in up to six months in jail, $1,000-plus in fines and, in some cases, required installation of an ignition interlock device. We advocate for the most lenient sentences in every case we handle. Whenever our clients are eligible for a restricted license so they can get to and from work or school, we help them through the administrative side of the process as well.
  • If you’re looking to move beyond a mistake from your past, we can help. Even if you’ve served your time and paid your fines, the effects of a criminal record can linger for years after a conviction. If you’re a one-time DUI offender who wants to make a clean break with the past, we can help you explore your options for expungements in California.

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  He did what...
Ron was great he's up front from the start he told me what could happen and what he could do for me it was my first dui and I was nervous about handling it myself and I'm glad I got him. Everything...
by Will A on 02/04/2022
  Mr. Chini =...
Mr. Chini put my mind at ease from day one. He is always available to answer questions. He allowed reasonable monthly payments which really helped during Covid. If you are looking for a lawyer...
by Ruth J on 02/04/2022
  No complaints
I have used Ron 3 times and have had a great experience with him 3/3. Always there to answer all my questions and keeps me updated with whatever my situation may be. Thank you Ron for the great work
by Chad M on 02/02/2022
  Easy experience
Ron was great and took care of all for me! I moved out of state and he made it easy even with Covid dragging my case on for over 2 years...
by Chad L on 01/29/2022
  Ron was the very...
I really thought I was going to jail this was my third dui and my second and third were back to back but Ron got me house arrest
by Darrell R on 12/13/2021
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Elizabeth N.
Elizabeth N.
2019-08-08 12:44:46
I got my second DUI with in 6 months of eachother and the second was in orange county with my child in the car. I didnt even show up to my court hearing and...
Daniel R.
Daniel R.
2019-06-18 14:29:53
I was trying to stay out of jail when i got a 3rd dui, so i was looking for someone to help me out with that. I have a family and couldnt afford to stay...
Nancy T.
Nancy T.
2018-12-05 10:43:47
My daughter is a 12 years old severely disabled child with a feeding tube. While visiting my family home out in Chino hills one morning, we had stopped by...