How We Can Help When You Face A Complex DUI Case

You may think that being arrested and charged with DUI is as bad as it can get. However, when faced with a felony DUI charge or have misdemeanor charges with a criminal history, the stakes are instantly higher.

This why you want an experienced attorney by your side – an attorney who can help to ensure your record isn’t blemished for a long time. Our lawyers at Chini Law have skills you need and will act aggressively in your defense. We understand that nobody can afford facing a criminal record for a lifetime or even lose the ability to drive. If your freedom and future are a stake, we’ll do everything we can to preserve them.

We have offices in both Riverside and Irvine, and will help people all around the Southern California region. When you call us at 888.998.6938, we can listen to your case and start to help you get past this nasty part of your life.

How Can Our Attorneys Help You In a Higher Stakes Case?

Here’s a fact to keep in mind: all California DUI cases are not the same. A first-time offense can become a felony if certain criteria have been met such as:

  • Driving drunk with people under age
  • A blood alcohol content that’s more than .15
  • Cause of an accident that causes serious injuries and/or death
  • Fourth or more DUI charge is a classified a felony in California, which boosts the amount of time you’ll spend in prison

The attorneys in our firm will be aggressive, fighting the government against the charges you’re facing and challenging the ones that just don’t make sense. For instance:

Did you give the police a valid reason to pull you over? Police officers and CHP must have a reason to pull someone over; they can’t do it just because. There has to be some legit reason why. And, if there is no evidence regarding this, the court may judges those charges.

We can look and see if there were any irregularities in your field sobriety test or Breathalyzer test. We also known that these are not always the best indicators of someone’s intoxication levels. If any of them had been improperly administered, we could challenge the DUI charges you face.

Do you feel like your civil rights have been violated? There are many officers who have abused their authority, taking them out on innocent citizens. If your arrest was followed by excessive force or some other kind of civil rights violation, we could use this in a court of law.