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Tyra, Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend, had trouble keeping up with the payments on his borrowed red Ferrari and then refused to return the luxury whip as promised, a new lawsuit claims.

Tyga breached his May 2016 rental agreement by, “among other things, failing to pay for the usage of the vehicle,” the new lawsuit filed by the vehicle’s lease holder, Alex Benedict, claims.

Benedict says he was forced to repossess the 2016 Ferrari 488 on two separate occasions — the first time being Aug. 31.

He claims he struck a follow-up agreement that allowed Tyga to take the car back until Oct. 9, but the “Faded” singer failed to return the exotic Italian ride as agreed, leading to a second repossession on Nov. 8.

“We attempted to work with Tyga and his representatives before filing this lawsuit. Unfortunately, they all but ignored our requests to return the vehicle forcing us to take action and file suit,” Benedict’s lawyer Ron Chini said.


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