Tyga Sued After Having Red Ferrari Repo’d Twice – Lawyer Speaks

Rapper Tyga sued over failure to make payments on borrowed red Ferrari

Samantha Wilson –
November 28, 2016

Tyga is in deep financial trouble again. The rapper is now being sued for $150,000 over missed payments on his beloved red Ferrari. spoke to the lawyers representing the man suing Tyga, and learned just what led to this decision.

“Our client Alex Benedict had agreement in place with Tyga back in September of 2016. Per the agreement, Tyga agreed to return the car on Oct. 9, 2016 and failed to do so,” lawyers Amid Bahadori and Ron Chini from Bahadori Chini LLP told

“He went dark and was essentially ignoring our request to get the car back. Eventually we did get the car on Nov. 8.”

“The lawsuit is to recover damages resulting from Tyga’s refusal to return the car and other damages. We are seeking at least $150,000,” the lawyers said. “The value of the car is no less than $3,000 per day. My client repeatedly asked Tyga to return the car as agreed, but of course Tyga opted to put his head in the sand.”

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