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DUI Defense

The government takes DUI cases seriously; so should you. More importantly, so should the law firm handling your case. How can our Irvine and Riverside firm help you fight criminal charges in…

DUI Defense

Criminal Charges Arising From A DUI Stop

DMV Hearings

Repeat And Felony DUI Charges

What Are My Options As A First-Time Offender?



Bankruptcy And Debt Relief

With the state of the economy, consumer debt is mounting. If you are looking for debt relief, you are not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people seek some sort of debt relief every year.

Bankruptcy And Debt Relief

Chapter 11 Business Reorganization

Chapter 13 Consumer Reorganization

Chapter 7 Consumer Liquidation


The Benefits Of Bankruptcy



Bankruptcy Learning Center

Bankruptcy Law: Federal and state statutes that give protections to both the debtor and the creditor govern bankruptcy law. The law defines a way for debtors to get out of debt without harming…

Bankruptcy Learning Center

Bankruptcy Credit Counseling

Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy Means Test

Bankruptcy Questions