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Even if you don’t have a drop of alcohol in your system, there are few things more intimidating than being stopped by police and asked, “Have you had anything to drink tonight?”

For most people, the threat of DUI charges is serious enough. In some cases, though, a DUI stop may turn into something far more serious, with charges that threaten even more severe punishment if the government wins a conviction.

If you or a loved one faces criminal charges beyond DUI charges, you can’t afford to face the criminal justice system alone. You need a lawyer who will be committed from the very first meeting to building a strong defense and responding aggressively to the government’s claims in court. No matter where you are in Southern California, there is one firm ready to help you keep your freedom intact: Bahadori & Chini, LLP.

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Most secondary criminal charges stemming from a DUI stop come about because the arresting officer sees something that isn’t quite right — visible paraphernalia, perhaps, or some other indication that the driver might have something he or she shouldn’t.

In worst-case scenarios, drivers who are charged with DUI could also face charges of illegal drug possession or distribution or illegal firearm possession. These are serious charges because they can be prosecuted by the federal government, leading to long sentences in federal prison upon conviction. If you or a loved one faces drug- or gun-related charges as a result of a DUI stop, or other charges like evading arrest, we can help with every aspect of your case.

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