About Us

    Our Firm Is All About Positive Results For Our Clients

    When you’re searching for an attorney to deal with your or your loved one’s bankruptcy law or DUI defense-related dealings, we know you have choices. And, this isn’t bad for you in the least. However, the plethora of options you have can make finding the law firm that’s right for you a bit difficult.

    We know you want a law firm that has the attorneys with the skills and experience necessary to handle your case and give you the best possible results so that you can continue with your life… as uninterrupted as possible.

    Why should you choose our lawyers at Bahadori & Chini?  The advantage we have is an amalgamation of benefits we know a law firm needs. What kinds of benefits do we offer?


    • Some firms will gladly take your case because they don’t mind taking every single case that comes to their office. However, the lawyers in our office only handle matter of bankruptcy and criminal defense for the people of Southern California. This allows us to devote our times and resources to each case and ensuring the people have their needs meet when their personal and financial rights are in danger.

    Attorney Access

    • When you choose a firm, you want attorneys that you can work with. We eliminate the red tape that has long been linked to law firms. We make sure our clients work alongside their attorney to get the most favorable outcome as possible. We look at it this way: you’re paying for your lawyer and we know you need a lawyer.


    • We have a plethora of experience representing and helping clients who need legal assistance. We understand the old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” Just because you need legal help doesn’t mean you have to go broke to have it… especially if you want to fix your finances. We have the lawyers that can help you while also being cost-effective for your wallet. On top of that, many of our cases are flat-fee legal services. We will work our clients to ensure paying for our services is convenient.


    • The region of Southern California is extensive. You want a law firm that’ll go that extra mile for you – to assist you when you need them to! One of the best things about our law firm is that we have offices throughout parts of Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles and Inland Empire.


    • We don’t promise outcomes on case – no attorney needs to do that. However, we do promise that we will do everything in our power to stop creditors from harassing you or help you to avoid potential negative consequences of criminal convictions.

    We are extremely proud of the experience we have earned. If you’d like to learn more about the backgrounds we have as well as our experience, clicks on the badges or links below.